Monday, 17 October 2016

Goodbye, Laila

Today, when the sun dies behind the mountains and the seas, everything will be over. What will happen tomorrow is uncertain, Laila, but we won't be here to see it. Our sons, and daughters, who are already swimming in a sea of letters, won't be saved either, but they might not sleep forever. My own tormentor spells my words, for I no longer know how to write them by hand. And, however, I can still remember your italic handwriting, baroque, full of curlicues, smiles and blinks in each corner. Back then sentences meant much more than interlaced words. How much I'd give to read it one more time on that thing we used to call paper. One last time, while twilight goes on, tinged not with blood or death, but void. Yes, a terrifying void fed by the dehumanization of people who, like me, passionately contributed to a ravenous development without knowing what was the price to pay. Not only have I invested my time and my life, but paid for technological advance with the whole humanity. I swear that, had I known that a computer could create a society full of individuals that can't recognize the value of a kiss or that shiver when you're looked at in a special way, had I known, I would have never set foot in that campus of happiness, as they call it; of slavery, I'd say now. Not even our knowledge was ours. It was property of the companies, but we were too entertained playing around with those computers and programs, playing as though we were supreme beings, to even realise. I beg you to forgive me, Laila.
You and I can remember many blackouts. Analog, digital, electrical ones due to the storms. Do you remember how beautiful it was to see each other's face in the candlelight? I only do so vaguely, but something tells me they were precious moments the future will never remember. Nor I think it cares about it. It's too entertained debugging the net of nets. Tonight's blackout is the last one. Tonight's blackout is different: it's human. The last robot I projected is aiming its lasers at me. You no longer belong here, it tells me. It's not my imagination, I taught it how to speak. You don't know how I'd change my drowning in this vital anguish because of what I've done for my drowning in the icecubes in the bottom of a cup of cheap whisky. The sun hides amongst magnetic tracks and flying cars made by people that can't even understand the magic of feeling you're not touching the ground. A super computer is our new God. And I realised too late. My time is over and I must go.
Goodbye for the last time, Laila, tonight I'll die serving a God I created myself...

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Dear Love of Mine

Dear love of mine
A new life grows inside
Visions of future fill my mind
In the pitch black hours
Dear, you've been and are light,
Joy and everything that fits in the blue
Ocean your eyes show
How not to get lost, how not to cry?
And how not to smile all at once?
Not even the whole universe can
Not a single comet, planet or star
Explain it, should that happen
Should I someday stay cold by your fire.
Never will I waste a single tear
Yet I'll cry to every night without you
So as to offer them all to Eternity
To the moon, sun and beyond,
Reach each corner of your soul
Or make mine feel like home
Every day where back you want to come
My true companion. Forevermore

For you the purest soul
Who I love to the limits of the very existence
And beyond

10.11.16 A Blue Mix

Tonight's dream was short and its remarkable scenes, pretty few. Just wanna focus on the musical part of it (my musical dreams are the ones I love the most). I was with a classmate, Aitor, doing some kind of practice. In this case, it was about mixing a piece of music. He didn't know how to do it, but the problem was not the steps he had to follow, but to understand what mixing a song was. We had a mixing board connected to a Mac computer (possibly through a FireWire interface, which is pretty common. Don't wanna think of my graduation project, but it's hard to forget xD) in order to perform the so-called mix...
So I took Blue, by Eiffel 65 (which I'm sure is now blasting through your headphones/earphones/speakers) and started to touch every button, lever or command possible, equalizing certain frequency bands and adding effects. I could even hear every change. Thicker sounds when I turned the bass up to its maximum or a more metallic sound of the synthesizers if I turned up the treble. In this way, like a DJ, I tried all the possible effects on the music throughout all the song, so when it finished, I told my mate "Now you know how it's done". The funny thing is that, when I woke up this morning, I thought: "Dunno if he's listened to the song, but it's a lot like him, gotta ask him to listen to it".
What came before (unknown part) or after (my partying hard in a disco, which is not like me whatsoever) are parts that are not important and are lost in an indefinite haze...
Finally, I'd like to thank my bf, David, for having shown (well, not shown, cause I'm sure I knew the song before, but he made me pay attention to it) this song. This dream wouldn't have possibly happened otherwise ;)

Sunday, 9 October 2016

10.09.16 Waves, dimensions and superheroes

Now, yet another horde of senseless sequences have appeared in the corners of my mind tonight...
It all starts with a beach, and the waves as so many times before. I was hanging out with my friend Judith, seeing the sea waves come and go, wondering if a truly wild wave would come to us at some time. No sooner had we said this than a huge aquamarine mass of water came, giving us just enough time to cling on to the nearest walls. We kept on walking and found a safer corner to shelter from another gigantic wave...
Suddenly, I was walking in the streets of a city whose name I don't know. It could be Palencia, it could be Viena... or any city I've seen with a relatively wide street with a stone pavement. Now I was with another friend, Saray. We went into an office. I think they sold tickets for classical music concerts, and I wanted to invite her to one of the concerts I was playing. However, it was getting late, we had to go and she declined the invitation.
In another change of scenario, I appeared in my house. I was with (yet) another friend and quite a creepy creature seemed to be roaming around the place too. Apparently, according to one of my comments, it was just a gift-giver. Hilarious... Then, there was kind of a box, or a cupboard in my room, but it wasn't just a normal box. When opened, one could realise it contained another dimension. When I put my hand into it, it just disappeared into nothing. If I put both hands, I could separate the space into two parts as though it were a piece of cloth, and reach another door behind. Immediately, I told my friend about that multidimensional space and they (don't know if there was a boy or a girl with me) didn't believe me, until they also put their hand into the box. Then we were busy with the creature mentioned before until we discovered it was harmless.
Seemingly we called a super hero, something like... the Ghostbusters maybe? Cause we found a copy of the creature, but far more creepy curled up behind the second door. It wasn't moving, and also looked harmless, but we somehow knew we needed help to be saved. So a guy came (a cute one, to be honest) and crossed both doors to fight the beast. However, something happened, because it didn't turned out as expected...
In the next scene we were driving across Brooklyn Bridge and a big bus came towards us. It was driven by the ones we thought to be the good ones, the cute guy's squad. The guy was inside too. Apparently, he had been possessed, or better said, infected by the creature, which made his physical traits uglier, harder and uncomfortable to look at. Now we were a complete squad too to fight against him. We all got out of our respective vehicles and started the fight. In the end, we won and the ones driving the bus (a couple of old doctors, a man and a woman), woke up the guy, who was lying on the road and told him: "Okay, don't worry, it's over, we've removed the X gene from you" (Was this possibly a reference to X-Men??). So in the end, they were not that bad, it seems.
Finally, we are in my room again, and our hero comes to say goodbye, looking as always. I just kiss him goodbye and  he goes.
In the end, I am with a classmate from music school, Aintzane. She's showing me which subjects she is studying in the masters (she's still some 15 years old, but anyway) and there's something about telephony. And I go like "Well you gotta study it even if you're an industrial engineer. Well, tough shit!", and she answers: "But I'm studying Chemistry, not even engineering", which makes me feel cool in the end, cause in my dream there's a telecommunications subject that invades all the masters' syllabuses, haha.
I think I'm reaching new levels xD.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

10.04.15 Cursed and Incursed, and other adventures

I was in my flat with my friend Pau, I don't know why. To be exact, we were in my bedroom, each at one side of the bed. I wanted to help her get on the bed (as though she couldn't do so!), so I took her hand and pulled her with so much strength that she feel over the other side, where I was. I got frightened and deeply worried about her, so I started asking "Pau, are you okay? Pau, say something, SAY SOMETHING!!" once and over again.
Then I put her on the bed and saw she had her nose in a very strange position. However it wasn't not possible that her septum was broken, for not even a single drop of blood was pouring out (or at least that's what I though was logical). I kept on insisting, cause she was looking at me and half smiling, but didn't utter a word. After a couple of further attempts, she seemed to understand and told me that, as all the nasal structure was out of place, she couldn't hear really well, she went almost deaf. I searched for my mother so that we called the hospital; however, don't really know why, we didn't finally call. She stayed home and I took care of her.
Once she asked me to prepare her a lemon juice and gave me a pile of lime peelings to do so (yeah, not lemon, lime), and I put them in the fridge. Of course I couldn't squeeze that, so I decided to put the peelings in water so as to make lemon-flavour water, and serve it beautifully, including a lemon slice attached to the edge of the glass, as though it were a cocktail. But there my problems started. Looking for a glass, filling it with water and putting the peelings in (which I have to get from the fridge) became an impossible task cause my uncle and Incursed's Jonkol were obstructing me wherever I went in the kitchen. At last I got to open the fridge and there I found lots of sweets and the most tasty things ever. I think they were a mix of different products, as I have never seen such things being sold anywere. Finally, the lemon juice became lime-flavour water with salt & pepper. 
I know I brought it to Pau and the last thing I can remember is  getting my baggage ready for my trip to Barcelona...