Tuesday, 11 October 2016

10.11.16 A Blue Mix

Tonight's dream was short and its remarkable scenes, pretty few. Just wanna focus on the musical part of it (my musical dreams are the ones I love the most). I was with a classmate, Aitor, doing some kind of practice. In this case, it was about mixing a piece of music. He didn't know how to do it, but the problem was not the steps he had to follow, but to understand what mixing a song was. We had a mixing board connected to a Mac computer (possibly through a FireWire interface, which is pretty common. Don't wanna think of my graduation project, but it's hard to forget xD) in order to perform the so-called mix...
So I took Blue, by Eiffel 65 (which I'm sure is now blasting through your headphones/earphones/speakers) and started to touch every button, lever or command possible, equalizing certain frequency bands and adding effects. I could even hear every change. Thicker sounds when I turned the bass up to its maximum or a more metallic sound of the synthesizers if I turned up the treble. In this way, like a DJ, I tried all the possible effects on the music throughout all the song, so when it finished, I told my mate "Now you know how it's done". The funny thing is that, when I woke up this morning, I thought: "Dunno if he's listened to the song, but it's a lot like him, gotta ask him to listen to it".
What came before (unknown part) or after (my partying hard in a disco, which is not like me whatsoever) are parts that are not important and are lost in an indefinite haze...
Finally, I'd like to thank my bf, David, for having shown (well, not shown, cause I'm sure I knew the song before, but he made me pay attention to it) this song. This dream wouldn't have possibly happened otherwise ;)

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