Saturday, 10 September 2016

09.10.16: Cause fucked up wasn't fucked up enough

Exactly, the nights of dreaming keep coming. But fucked up wasn't fucked up enough, so I reached the next level... 
All I can remember starts with a concert, though it was more like a sing-along. Well, an intermediate thing, let's say. A couple of famous guys that I can't really remember had released an album together, as though it were the mix of two counterparts (day vs night, alpha vs omega, you know). One of them was someone from Fleetwood Mac (only the name, cause that couldn´t be Fleetwood Mac actually), and the other one, I don't know. They were playing a lot of different stuff. And there weren't too many people, even if it was a big outdoor venue... I can remember only a short row of people amongst which my boyfriend, David, was. I had a camera and a microphone in hand, so I was invited to join the sing-along moment. It was weird, in that moment they were playing somthing between slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold or something like that. I know I knew the song, but I can't remember which one it was either. When I started singing, I just couldn't do it well, my voice was as if I had been crying or I had got up a few minutes ago... What a pity.
Now there was a scenario change. It didn't seem to be important, but I remember something futuristic, with lots of gadgets. And there was a plate for vinyls in which a record was playing and it was the "white part" of the album being played in the concert. The part by the guy from Fleetwood Mac. He had a nice, soft voice. However, what comes next I can't decide in which order it came, let's talk about it like this:
My boyfriend wrote to me in a very different way. He uses short expressions and abbreviations, but never ortographical mistakes like the ones I was reading. And he wrote in a WhatsApp group and did it differently to the individual chat. I started worrying that something creepy could be going on.
Then something happens to me, or mom has the intuition that something is going on. And I get to know, as if I was a third person, omniscient narrator, that she's asked David if he's going to talk to me about what's happening as a father or something else (this is, from the position of a father or someone else...). Then I think, I must tell her finally about my relationship to him... (In the dream this seems confusing, but actually, sounds a bit creepy when you think of it, if he was my dad in the dream :S )
The last part is the one that is a bit strange but far from being that crazy. At several times, we go to a shoping mall, hoping to find a candy shop open, but it's never open. There stands a sign that says "Rights over the sweets can be demanded". That was a strange text to read. We ask an employee in the shopping mall about it, and she says that what's open at that time in the evening is the dark room in a secret basement that keeps and produces contraband sweets... (REALLY??)
Now that's really some stuff from The Deranged Dark Vortex.

Friday, 9 September 2016

09.09.16: Renting our flat to Shining or the Death Metal market (and side effects)

Mom, grandma and I were at a flat grandma used to have in a Spanish town (Aranda de Duero), which was really big (100 and something square meters). Katey (Intoxikatey) was there to visit us and ask us (half in English, half in Spanish) if she could rent the house. What for? I asked. It's for Niklas and the rest of the guys (Shining, of course), she said. So I don't know why but I started laughing at the possible mess that was about to come out of that xD...

In another part, we were at one of these traditional markets, in a long corridor. At the left there were little shops and at the end of the corridor there was a stage where a Death Metal band were playing their stuff. I asked Katey if she knew the band, and she said no. I tried to search for the song they were playing by using Shazam, but as I tried, other pop songs (shitty songs) came in the way, sounding louder than the one I was trying to find out about. So I walked towards the stage. Then, I discovered that the frontman of the band was Bryan Cranston (Remember Hal, from Malcom in the middle? Well, that guy). Besides the stage there was a jazz band in wheelchairs playing 1/8 double basses (they are like big cellos so they can be played while sitting)... (No sense whatsoever...)

Next two sequences have nothing to do between them or with the previous part. I was trying to type a WhatsApp message, and my phone had one of these "themed" keyboards. Mine was pastel pink and the letters were entangled, irrecognizable and full of flowers and leaves. The keyboard was almost impossible to use and I had to wait until the message was sent to see the mistakes (many, I must say). While I was typing the letters in a word, I could see them, but on pressing the space bar, the letters in the middle of the word changed (as occurs in Arabic xDD), and it was shit xD.

Last, I was in a crystal cube-shaped "room" over the river or the sea in Stockholm (I think but it sure was Sweden). It was like 4-5 in the evening and it was a perfect sunny summer day, so I wanted to take a pic of it, but the moment I focus my camera to do so, I see night in the screen. A red-orange-purple-blueish sky...

SUMMARY: If I did drugs I'd write less fucked up stuff xD