Sunday, 2 April 2017

02.04.17 The Conspiracy of a firewall and... Erik Danielsson (once again)

My mixing stuff in dreams is going too far, right? Cause mixing Erik Danielsson, my classmates, friends, a hospital and some shit about a firewall is not too normal. Well, anyway, let's start from the very beginning:
I remember being in class, at university or somewhere similar. I had to hand in a work about Erik Danielsson, Watain, music or something similar. The teacher was turning on the projector (made up of a simple lens and  the screen of the computer), and then I realised that half of my work wasn't properly attached and formatted. That including a curious logo... So I came out. *NEXT SCENE*
Once in the street, I was with grandma, looking for a place where I could print the other half of my work. We arrived at a crossroads. The street looked simple and old, yet the building in front of us was huge as fuck. I rushed in, trying to find what I was looking for. I went in and out many times while waiting for grandma. Saw a bar and a kind of supermarket... It was all very strange (but in my head I think it was supposed to be another university) *NEXT SCENE*
The last time I came in, with grandma, we never came out. First it was all dark and I was like in a bar, chatting to friends, classmates (yeah, suddenly all my classmates were there instead of being in our classroom, attending the lesson), and various people. And the barman was... EXACTLY! Erik. I was tempted to show him my work, but there was no time. I just took some time to have a little fun. *NEXT SCENE*
The bar had just seemed to fade, all my classmates were there, leaning on the handrails of the staircase. It now looked more like a university or a hospital... A public building in any case (Something I might have seen before or whatever). I remember people going and coming to and from the vending machines. They were getting food, cause, apparently, we were going to be forced to spend a long time there. I strolled here and there, chatting with everyone as usual. I was in the right wing of the building. I went to the other side to find a couple of classmates, one of them suffering from an excruciating pain in his leg, sweating, his face all very red. The other classmate of mine was just looking at him, not knowing what to do, but not too worried about the whole thing anyway. I asked him what was going on. "His leg hurts as fuck, he suffers from an herniated disc". So I told him to help me, to massage his leg while I tried to slow down his pulse. And it worked.
I think I slept there, and woke up the next morning wearing a normal T-shirt and some black, tight pants that covered half of my thighs. The building was bustling with activity, so I started looking for my people. I found another classmate and friend, Bolche, who told me "They're coming for us. They're emitting a huge amount of power that stays in here and the radiation is really dangerous". I became worried, really worried. I asked when we were going to be allowed to go out of there. Someone said 7:45...
Suddenly, I saw people gathering in a queue, and I also found grandma, who told me that if we passed the firewall checkpoint, we could go out. We were about to be tested against a firewall. She soon went inside the room where people were prepared for the test. However, it took far longer for me. I tried to reach the end of the queue, but I was continuously stopped by friends, acquaintances, even one of my ex's (I was so happy to see him anyway). The funny thing is that, even in that situation, I was still trying to find Erik to show him my work and try to get him to sign it (I love it xD). Finally I made it to the queue, and a conveyor belt took me to my next stop.
The room where we were prepared for the firewall test was like a hospital room, with its typical huge beds. I lay on one of them and a nurse came to help me get ready. She spread some gel (the same they use for ultrasound sonographies) on my legs (I still had the pants on), and I heard someone tell me that during the test they were going to shave them. She went on spreading stuff on me, now another kind of gel on my belly and chest. That was when I realized I was wearing the swimsuit I usually wear when I go swimming.
While she was doing that, we heard some music. The kind of sound was similar to Star War's Imperial March, and she thought it was actually this piece, but it was the subject of my fugue, and I told her it was "The Firewall". Before she was done, she wanted to stitch a string to my back, supposedly to take off my T-shirt in just one movement. I started panicking when she showed me the mask and all the gadgets...
So she stopped trying to convince me and just went. My bed didn't seem to stop moving so I tried to drive it somehow, I went into the next room, which wasn't in fact a room. It was a huge hall that mixed a giant shoe section of a shopping mall with the rest of the hospital (they were literally fused, there was no separating infrastructure). I went into the mall, which was full of Converse-style sneakers of all colours imaginable. There I found, Amaia, another classmate. She was as happy and affectionate as always. I just remember being as affectionate as I am with her and giving her a couple of kisses in her cheeks. But suddenly I started crying and saying "Amaia, can't you see? They're going to kill us, they're going to kill us!!" And I tried to flee, getting off the bed and then realised that maybe no one should see me like that... 
The last thing I (vaguely) remember something about addresses and ports... And no, I didn't get Erik to sign my work, what a pity!

By the way, due to this dream, I'm gonna rename my fugue to "The Firewall Fugue (Fugue in D minor)". And here it is

Monday, 27 March 2017

03.27.17 Swedish midsummer night and other dodgy tales

Me dreaming about Sweden. How strange, isn't it? My journey is set for August, but I was already there. It was a warm midsummer night and I was walking through the streets of some Swedish village with my grandma. We were in that part of the city cause my friend Kaos was supposed to be living there. Then, we passed by the Spanish consulate. It was a big, big house, but it didn't say Spain on the plate, but Bilbao (because we're worth it xD).
Walking a bit further, we went into a garage and suddenly got locked in there. I tried pressing the button that was meant to open the gate again, but nothing happened. Fortunately, a young woman appeared. She was tall and thin, wore black clothes and had long, straight, red-brown hair. I thought of talking to her in Swedish, but it was too risky so I asked her in perfect English if she could help us out of there. I was afraid that she thought we were there hiding or to commit some kind of crime, but she was instead so kind and opened the gate for us.
When we got out of there, we met a classmate of mine, Jon, his mom, auntie and, once again, his twin, who I don't know, but it doesn't matter, cause all I have to do in my dream is to replicate my mate's image. After warm greetings, we kept on walking and arrived at a crossroads, square, whatever that was. There were some little, reddish houses, that I think are typical from Visby (Sweden), yet in my head we were in some kind of reproduction of a French village. Near there, there was a huge gothic cathedral. There might be more classmates with me, cause I told another person (someone different from the ones I've mentioned so far) to wait, cause I wanted to take some pics of the church, as I have a soft spot for gothic architecture (I think in real life I don't, but anyway). We kept on walking inside that kind of French village. There was a garden, then a stair and a bar, all in a little square. There was also, outside of the bar a kind of exhibition and there was some sound equipment, similar to the one I have at home. When I jumped the stair, going after the rest of the people, the equipment turned on and I was super embarrased cause I could be accused of touching something that wasn't mine.
However, nothing went wrong, the owner of the bar was a funny Spanish man, that invited us to go into the bar. And so we did, and we also came to the other side and suddenly it was day. We were in a square, it was a hot summer day, and that square seemed like the main square in Aranda de Duero (so hot and sunny in Sweden? How come? I thought).
Some people were there, begging for money, but they weren't normal beggars, they were engaged in some sort of criminal activity, scam or something similar. They started harassing us and suddlenly, I turned left and there was my father (Oh, please, how dodgy, get me outta theeeeere).
Then we change scenes. Completely. In the last part of this strange dream, the scene corresponds to a recursive dream I have. I was with my mom, in her car. She had to drive on mountain roads, with impossible  curves and impossible slopes (almost vertical or even worse). I spent all the time thinking how it was possible that we didn't just fall. Finally we came to a plane. We had to stop there so I could have breakfast, because I wouldn't arrive home on time and would have to go straight to university. There was a bar, yet we had our own food. Mom started giving me packets with food, and I didn't know what I had to eat. The waitress told me that it was the same, but mom was speking too much and organising everything in a different way each time she spoke! (What a mess!)

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

03.01.16 Medieval jam session

This is about a jam session in a little bar at 4 am...
This bar was in the old quarter of an unknown town and had two entrances in two of the block sides. On one side, there was part of the bar and some beds (yes, beds, bunk beds, or even hospital beds) all together; on the other side, the other part of the bar and, at the back, some kind of chamber or hideout or something similar. It was a medieval style bar, with its rustic doors and all that jazz...
Well, we were at the back of the bar, at this chamber or whatever it was, and there was, it seems, another chamber in the basement, whose entrance was there. There were people gathering up their stuff and coming out of that dark threshold carved in stone. All kinds of things came out from there: weapons, war tanks... and a double bass. When I saw it I felt a sudden need to play it and I went to the other side to gather mine, which was there.
The other side, where the beds were, was an L-form corridor and at the back there was a wardrobe and my double bass. I dragged it outside, slowly and carefully, as the corridor was narrow (and packed of beds). Due to the pressure when passing through the corridor, when I came out of the bar I just had a cello in my hands. And I kept on running and suddenly it was just a violin without its bridge or strings (which had been lost on my way to the other side), and when I arrived at the other side, thinking they might be gone, I found out I had nothing, but, surprisingly my double bass was there, intact.
Then, we started jamming to Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik. My teacher Lerman, and a friend, Mario, playing a single double bass, the one that had come out of the basement, which was lying on an enormous block of stone, my friend Sergio playing the trumpet and I was playing my double bass.
Yup, very normal!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

02.26.15 Strange dreams pt. I&II: Satan, South America, Arabia and Donkey Kong

Strange dreams pt.1: Satan
The first thing I remember is being in a bar, having a drink. A friend called Pavel, Watain's Erik Danielsson and somebody else whose identity I can't remember were also there. The three of them, along with the bartender, were discussing about Latin, Satanism and the connection between them. I can't remember what was being said, but I remember saying something like: "if the ideas purposed by Satanism are so deep and complex by themselves, why would one try to express them in such a difficult language as Latin?". Pavel recognized I was right...
Then, after some more conversation, we looked at Erik, who was totally asleep, laying down his head on a statue that resembled him and was kind of embedded in the wall. So we concluded that he was sleeping on himself xD. We decided to wake him up. He just said "hello" with a strangely high-pitched sweet voice and sounded friendly (not polite, but friendly! That's weird, I guess, lol). He even shared some jokes with us. No idea of what happened in the middle, but the end was even stranger. Imagine a countryside landscape, and Erik running cause he was being chased after by a cute girl who wanted to have sex with him. Finally he stepped into a river and this girl finally reached him. When they were really close to each other, she turned towards me and, oh surprise! It was a man!! (And yes, I was like, What the fuuuck??). END OF IT.
Strange dreams pt.2: South America, Arabia and Donkey Kong
If it was not enough with one strange dream, here comes another one (or another part of it). I was hanging out with some classmates, and we walking a pretty hard slope. In the meanwhile, a South American man followed us saying to himself what things he could say or not in order to effectively sell us his stuff (not the most normal thing, right?). I think we ended up buying him some musical stuff. Then, after the slope we went to a bar, had a drink and listened to our newly bought digital format music. My classmate selected a track and, just at the beginning, we could hear something about a man from Afghanistan having set a bomb (guess it was a fundamentalist, or else what follows has even less sense than before). And yes, it was part of the track. Then, some muslim women came to us with their husbands, mad in anger cause what had just sounded was a horrible blasphemy. We were made to leave the place (well, we would've done anyway, for our own safety). My classmates started complaining about it and commenting on what had just happened. I was so nervous, cause I thought that they were following us, that I told my friends in low voice to shut up.
Finally, we arrived in an old bakery (by old I really mean old, medieval I could say), that served us as a shelter. There, my classmate, from whose telephone the track had come out, started shouting and going out of control. I was obviously worried and tried to calm him down, though I had to shout at him a little bit. The Muslims came again, but this time nothing happened. All of us, except this classmate of mine could go home. I was the last to leave. I wanted to be sure that everyone in the bakery was ok. From outside, I looked through the window, and saw the owner, a pair of little children, and my classmate. Seeing those innocent children, absolutely unaware of what could've occurred, made me cry desperately.
After a long walk home (periodically, I looked back in order to see if my classmate was following me, but determined at last to ask him the next day), I sat in front of the computer, and saw that there was a process running in a crazy loop in my IDE. I pasted some more code and pressed enter, and then a drawing of Donkey Kong was printed on the screen in full color and ASCII characters, while the other process kept on running. Between frightened and angry, I abruptly stopped the running process using Ctrl+C and it was only then that my mum woke me up.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

02.11.17 Psycho vampires in the hospital

This is, by far, the most fucked up dream I've ever had in my life. Not because of the senseless stuff but because of the unusual violence...
First of all we were at the university, but the corridors looked more like the tunnels of the subway stations. There were lots of people and I found a friend, Martín. We walked the corridors together, and I found a classmate, Jon, who I had to give some classnotes. They both followed me as I was rushing to somewhere that was totally unknown to me (maybe I just can't remember it)... NEXT SCENE.
Next I found myself in the hospital, where my grandma was. She had to stay there until she was completely healed. But we started arguing very violently, it was disgusting... Suddenly, I was at another part of the hospital and some doctor was extracting as much as two tubes of my blood, which made me feel extremely tired all of a sudden. That blood was for some kind of test, but the doctor wasn't done yet. He tried to extract more blood drops from my face, my legs, my arms... as he got more and more unkind. He laughed as he saw my difficulties to breath, move, speak, etc. My voice was getting low and distorted as though it had passed through a voice modulator; his face became deformed and grotesque. He was a vampire and had converted me into one. Two more vampire docs came to catch me with a knife, but I managed to take the knife and get away.
I just ran and found a classmate from the music school, Julen. I stopped to talk to him but instead, I looked at him, then at the knife and stabbed him in the back. Then, I said to myself "Okay, this is how one kills a person", and ran away. Then I threw the knife in an empty bin (important, I still remember the sound of the knife against the plastic of the bin...) in some street in Barcelona...

Monday, 26 December 2016

12.24.16-12.26.16 Choir Combo, fruit salads and habaneras

3 days in a row dreaming! It was worth it to dedicate this event a proper post.
As you know, I sing in a choir. We are amateur, but our conductor conducts yet another choir, called Ondarreta. My first dream is about it...
I dreamt that I had recently joined Ondarreta, and I had to pick up the songs, to study them, in a bar in Bilbao. I told my grandma I was going to do so. And there I was, in the bar, and when the waiter served me the songs... well, they were different kinds of fruit saladsOne could tell it was THE bar, cause some women in the choir were there, "practicing their songs", this is, eating their salads. Along with the salads, I was given a looong straw covered with a case made of cloth. And also a tea cup with its little dish and everything, made of ceramic painted in gold.
Later, I met my grandma and we walked through unknown parts of Bilbao (actually it wasn't Bilbao, but some scenarios I've seen before in other dreams) and when we arrived to somewhere we already knew, she said: "Oh, shit, we know this part, this is no longer fun". NEXT DREAM.
My second dream was also about choirs, but this time, all the students in my class formed a choir and we had to sing in London. Just before we go, we go to what used to be my grandma's flat in Aranda de Duero. It looked exactly the same, and I was very confused. I was with a classmate, Pablo, in the kitchen, and told him: "Man, this is so... strange. You know? This has been MY place, that, MY fridge, those MY magnets... this is so confusing". I was worried cause I thought I might leave some stuff because I thought I would come back to what had been a place of mine. The funny thing about that kitchen is that there was this typical mechanism to insert coins a bit above the sink. It was white to fit the wall, and if you inserted a coin, you could fill a glass of water. Another of those was place in the cupboard below, but I can't remember the service it gave access to.
So we finally went to London, but it looked a bit too strange. I was with another classmate, Jon. We were walking and the landscape looked like a country one, with hills, meadows and stuff. We came across a bunch of German girls that greeted us so kindly and I told my classmate that we had sung with them before. We went down and into the urban area and when we arrive to a square we decided to take the bus back to the place we were due to be (the first one left before we could take it, and we had to wait for the second one)... NEXT DREAM.
This was the strangest of all three. I can't remember lots of things, just wanting to see a film or being in a theater with a couple of classmates, Amaia and Jon, and Jon's twin brother, Mikel (never met him, but, you know, it's enough with duplicating the image of his brother with little modifications xD, like the piercings in the face). Before leaving the place, I was feeling again the sensation that I was going to forget something there. We were sigining as we left and some music started to sound in the speakers. Then Mikel says, but I mistake him for his brother, "hey, I know this song", to which I answer "we listened to it the other day while doing [insert whatever here]". I look up and correct myself "Sorry, I thought it was your brother xD".
And after that, I only remember looking as crazy for the habanera rhythm. It was such a thorough search that I've woken up confused xD; and thinking I had to write an habanera. And I will do so. Meanwhile, this was sounding in my head...

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

12.21.15 Super Erik

This time I'll be short. Gonna tell you probably one of my most hilarious and surprising dreams. Definitely one I won't easily forget...
Watain's Erik Danielsson was at my place (it didn't really look like my house, but I somehow knew it was). Don't know what he did, but he fell asleep for five days in a row (5 F***ING DAYS xD. Who sleeps so long?), and then woke up. At first his eyes were blood red, then recovered their original colour, but that wasn't though the original Erik. He had developed some kind of mental superpowers (you know, teleporting, mental control and such kind of stuff). How did we know? Well, we did know from the beginning, but the proof came afterwards. We were in a crystal elevator, and when it reached the top, it slightly started to fall. All of a sudden, he was out, lifting up the elevator and helping us out, with his mental powers, faster than I could actually realise what was happening...
Definitely, that's not a situation in which I really imagine Erik to be, and that's why it is so hilarious xD...