Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Dear Love of Mine

Dear love of mine
A new life grows inside
Visions of future fill my mind
In the pitch black hours
Dear, you've been and are light,
Joy and everything that fits in the blue
Ocean your eyes show
How not to get lost, how not to cry?
And how not to smile all at once?
Not even the whole universe can
Not a single comet, planet or star
Explain it, should that happen
Should I someday stay cold by your fire.
Never will I waste a single tear
Yet I'll cry to every night without you
So as to offer them all to Eternity
To the moon, sun and beyond,
Reach each corner of your soul
Or make mine feel like home
Every day where back you want to come
My true companion. Forevermore

For you the purest soul
Who I love to the limits of the very existence
And beyond

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