Tuesday, 4 October 2016

10.04.15 Cursed and Incursed, and other adventures

I was in my flat with my friend Pau, I don't know why. To be exact, we were in my bedroom, each at one side of the bed. I wanted to help her get on the bed (as though she couldn't do so!), so I took her hand and pulled her with so much strength that she feel over the other side, where I was. I got frightened and deeply worried about her, so I started asking "Pau, are you okay? Pau, say something, SAY SOMETHING!!" once and over again.
Then I put her on the bed and saw she had her nose in a very strange position. However it wasn't not possible that her septum was broken, for not even a single drop of blood was pouring out (or at least that's what I though was logical). I kept on insisting, cause she was looking at me and half smiling, but didn't utter a word. After a couple of further attempts, she seemed to understand and told me that, as all the nasal structure was out of place, she couldn't hear really well, she went almost deaf. I searched for my mother so that we called the hospital; however, don't really know why, we didn't finally call. She stayed home and I took care of her.
Once she asked me to prepare her a lemon juice and gave me a pile of lime peelings to do so (yeah, not lemon, lime), and I put them in the fridge. Of course I couldn't squeeze that, so I decided to put the peelings in water so as to make lemon-flavour water, and serve it beautifully, including a lemon slice attached to the edge of the glass, as though it were a cocktail. But there my problems started. Looking for a glass, filling it with water and putting the peelings in (which I have to get from the fridge) became an impossible task cause my uncle and Incursed's Jonkol were obstructing me wherever I went in the kitchen. At last I got to open the fridge and there I found lots of sweets and the most tasty things ever. I think they were a mix of different products, as I have never seen such things being sold anywere. Finally, the lemon juice became lime-flavour water with salt & pepper. 
I know I brought it to Pau and the last thing I can remember is  getting my baggage ready for my trip to Barcelona...

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