Saturday, 11 February 2017

02.11.17 Psycho vampires in the hospital

This is, by far, the most fucked up dream I've ever had in my life. Not because of the senseless stuff but because of the unusual violence...
First of all we were at the university, but the corridors looked more like the tunnels of the subway stations. There were lots of people and I found a friend, Martín. We walked the corridors together, and I found a classmate, Jon, who I had to give some classnotes. They both followed me as I was rushing to somewhere that was totally unknown to me (maybe I just can't remember it)... NEXT SCENE.
Next I found myself in the hospital, where my grandma was. She had to stay there until she was completely healed. But we started arguing very violently, it was disgusting... Suddenly, I was at another part of the hospital and some doctor was extracting as much as two tubes of my blood, which made me feel extremely tired all of a sudden. That blood was for some kind of test, but the doctor wasn't done yet. He tried to extract more blood drops from my face, my legs, my arms... as he got more and more unkind. He laughed as he saw my difficulties to breath, move, speak, etc. My voice was getting low and distorted as though it had passed through a voice modulator; his face became deformed and grotesque. He was a vampire and had converted me into one. Two more vampire docs came to catch me with a knife, but I managed to take the knife and get away.
I just ran and found a classmate from the music school, Julen. I stopped to talk to him but instead, I looked at him, then at the knife and stabbed him in the back. Then, I said to myself "Okay, this is how one kills a person", and ran away. Then I threw the knife in an empty bin (important, I still remember the sound of the knife against the plastic of the bin...) in some street in Barcelona...

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