Monday, 26 December 2016

12.24.16-12.26.16 Choir Combo, fruit salads and habaneras

3 days in a row dreaming! It was worth it to dedicate this event a proper post.
As you know, I sing in a choir. We are amateur, but our conductor conducts yet another choir, called Ondarreta. My first dream is about it...
I dreamt that I had recently joined Ondarreta, and I had to pick up the songs, to study them, in a bar in Bilbao. I told my grandma I was going to do so. And there I was, in the bar, and when the waiter served me the songs... well, they were different kinds of fruit saladsOne could tell it was THE bar, cause some women in the choir were there, "practicing their songs", this is, eating their salads. Along with the salads, I was given a looong straw covered with a case made of cloth. And also a tea cup with its little dish and everything, made of ceramic painted in gold.
Later, I met my grandma and we walked through unknown parts of Bilbao (actually it wasn't Bilbao, but some scenarios I've seen before in other dreams) and when we arrived to somewhere we already knew, she said: "Oh, shit, we know this part, this is no longer fun". NEXT DREAM.
My second dream was also about choirs, but this time, all the students in my class formed a choir and we had to sing in London. Just before we go, we go to what used to be my grandma's flat in Aranda de Duero. It looked exactly the same, and I was very confused. I was with a classmate, Pablo, in the kitchen, and told him: "Man, this is so... strange. You know? This has been MY place, that, MY fridge, those MY magnets... this is so confusing". I was worried cause I thought I might leave some stuff because I thought I would come back to what had been a place of mine. The funny thing about that kitchen is that there was this typical mechanism to insert coins a bit above the sink. It was white to fit the wall, and if you inserted a coin, you could fill a glass of water. Another of those was place in the cupboard below, but I can't remember the service it gave access to.
So we finally went to London, but it looked a bit too strange. I was with another classmate, Jon. We were walking and the landscape looked like a country one, with hills, meadows and stuff. We came across a bunch of German girls that greeted us so kindly and I told my classmate that we had sung with them before. We went down and into the urban area and when we arrive to a square we decided to take the bus back to the place we were due to be (the first one left before we could take it, and we had to wait for the second one)... NEXT DREAM.
This was the strangest of all three. I can't remember lots of things, just wanting to see a film or being in a theater with a couple of classmates, Amaia and Jon, and Jon's twin brother, Mikel (never met him, but, you know, it's enough with duplicating the image of his brother with little modifications xD, like the piercings in the face). Before leaving the place, I was feeling again the sensation that I was going to forget something there. We were sigining as we left and some music started to sound in the speakers. Then Mikel says, but I mistake him for his brother, "hey, I know this song", to which I answer "we listened to it the other day while doing [insert whatever here]". I look up and correct myself "Sorry, I thought it was your brother xD".
And after that, I only remember looking as crazy for the habanera rhythm. It was such a thorough search that I've woken up confused xD; and thinking I had to write an habanera. And I will do so. Meanwhile, this was sounding in my head...

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