Sunday, 26 February 2017

02.26.15 Strange dreams pt. I&II: Satan, South America, Arabia and Donkey Kong

Strange dreams pt.1: Satan
The first thing I remember is being in a bar, having a drink. A friend called Pavel, Watain's Erik Danielsson and somebody else whose identity I can't remember were also there. The three of them, along with the bartender, were discussing about Latin, Satanism and the connection between them. I can't remember what was being said, but I remember saying something like: "if the ideas purposed by Satanism are so deep and complex by themselves, why would one try to express them in such a difficult language as Latin?". Pavel recognized I was right...
Then, after some more conversation, we looked at Erik, who was totally asleep, laying down his head on a statue that resembled him and was kind of embedded in the wall. So we concluded that he was sleeping on himself xD. We decided to wake him up. He just said "hello" with a strangely high-pitched sweet voice and sounded friendly (not polite, but friendly! That's weird, I guess, lol). He even shared some jokes with us. No idea of what happened in the middle, but the end was even stranger. Imagine a countryside landscape, and Erik running cause he was being chased after by a cute girl who wanted to have sex with him. Finally he stepped into a river and this girl finally reached him. When they were really close to each other, she turned towards me and, oh surprise! It was a man!! (And yes, I was like, What the fuuuck??). END OF IT.
Strange dreams pt.2: South America, Arabia and Donkey Kong
If it was not enough with one strange dream, here comes another one (or another part of it). I was hanging out with some classmates, and we walking a pretty hard slope. In the meanwhile, a South American man followed us saying to himself what things he could say or not in order to effectively sell us his stuff (not the most normal thing, right?). I think we ended up buying him some musical stuff. Then, after the slope we went to a bar, had a drink and listened to our newly bought digital format music. My classmate selected a track and, just at the beginning, we could hear something about a man from Afghanistan having set a bomb (guess it was a fundamentalist, or else what follows has even less sense than before). And yes, it was part of the track. Then, some muslim women came to us with their husbands, mad in anger cause what had just sounded was a horrible blasphemy. We were made to leave the place (well, we would've done anyway, for our own safety). My classmates started complaining about it and commenting on what had just happened. I was so nervous, cause I thought that they were following us, that I told my friends in low voice to shut up.
Finally, we arrived in an old bakery (by old I really mean old, medieval I could say), that served us as a shelter. There, my classmate, from whose telephone the track had come out, started shouting and going out of control. I was obviously worried and tried to calm him down, though I had to shout at him a little bit. The Muslims came again, but this time nothing happened. All of us, except this classmate of mine could go home. I was the last to leave. I wanted to be sure that everyone in the bakery was ok. From outside, I looked through the window, and saw the owner, a pair of little children, and my classmate. Seeing those innocent children, absolutely unaware of what could've occurred, made me cry desperately.
After a long walk home (periodically, I looked back in order to see if my classmate was following me, but determined at last to ask him the next day), I sat in front of the computer, and saw that there was a process running in a crazy loop in my IDE. I pasted some more code and pressed enter, and then a drawing of Donkey Kong was printed on the screen in full color and ASCII characters, while the other process kept on running. Between frightened and angry, I abruptly stopped the running process using Ctrl+C and it was only then that my mum woke me up.

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