Wednesday, 1 March 2017

03.01.16 Medieval jam session

This is about a jam session in a little bar at 4 am...
This bar was in the old quarter of an unknown town and had two entrances in two of the block sides. On one side, there was part of the bar and some beds (yes, beds, bunk beds, or even hospital beds) all together; on the other side, the other part of the bar and, at the back, some kind of chamber or hideout or something similar. It was a medieval style bar, with its rustic doors and all that jazz...
Well, we were at the back of the bar, at this chamber or whatever it was, and there was, it seems, another chamber in the basement, whose entrance was there. There were people gathering up their stuff and coming out of that dark threshold carved in stone. All kinds of things came out from there: weapons, war tanks... and a double bass. When I saw it I felt a sudden need to play it and I went to the other side to gather mine, which was there.
The other side, where the beds were, was an L-form corridor and at the back there was a wardrobe and my double bass. I dragged it outside, slowly and carefully, as the corridor was narrow (and packed of beds). Due to the pressure when passing through the corridor, when I came out of the bar I just had a cello in my hands. And I kept on running and suddenly it was just a violin without its bridge or strings (which had been lost on my way to the other side), and when I arrived at the other side, thinking they might be gone, I found out I had nothing, but, surprisingly my double bass was there, intact.
Then, we started jamming to Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik. My teacher Lerman, and a friend, Mario, playing a single double bass, the one that had come out of the basement, which was lying on an enormous block of stone, my friend Sergio playing the trumpet and I was playing my double bass.
Yup, very normal!

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