Sunday, 6 November 2016

11.06.16 London-Bilbao-Aranda: The Matrix, and other kind of shit

Hey, too long since I just wrote a dream! Next step from fucked up is finally here. As usual, can't remember all the parts as a whole, but anyway. Let's start with the early parts...
We were in Bilbao, but it obviously didn't look like it. We were in a room, programming stuff with very strange computers. I was with some university classmates & friends. When we went out I realised that the so-called room seemed to be in a castle...
One of those classmates was also my friend, Bolche (he's called Jon, but anyway). I was really affectionate with him, hugging all the time and so on (sorry if I disturbed too much in the dream, man xD) and grandma came and shouted at me: "STOP BEING LIKE THAT WITH THIS GUY!", but I didn't really changed my attitude. So, as I said, we went out, and walked by the river, across a bridge. The area seemed like my favourite beach where I live. And suddenly, a woman came and asked for directions to go to a place in Bilbao that I've never been in. She showed a map with all the parts of the city represented as connected clouds, as though it were some kind of networking scheme. I immediately answered: "Sorry, I don't know the place you're asking about and this map doesn't help whatsoever, can't see anything with this representation". I remember having the thought that I wanted to tell my boyfriend this anecdote.
In another part, I was at a tattoo studio, that seemed more like a normal flat (I know I'm missing details, but it doesn't really matter). I asked her to draw a design of mine on my skin, and showed her the paper where the tattoo was drawn. She said she couldn't draw that, and needed a better version of the design so I showed my agenda and then she accepted to do it (I can't see why the second one was better, can you see the difference??).
Original design

The drawing on the agenda
Then, the hard and also the main part comes. The Matrix, the interdimensional space. We seemed to be in an interdimesional space located in London, by the river Thames. We seemed to be there under the control of someone called Jorge, and I had the sensation that it wasn't the first time. Maybe solving a mission or don't know what. The big space was kind of a medieval city with three main squares: one with the façade of a classical cathedral, the other one with the façade of a neoclassical cathedral (one of them seemed more like baroque, but one mixes the concepts) and the last one had the façade of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, it was the modern space, and seem to contain a concert hall/theater that was marked with a sign that said something like "..., of the sun", who knows what.
In the first scene there, I knew I had walked through the two first spaces, but never the third, and I had walked down the bridge by the Thames to cross to the other part and see some places in London. But I had never been to the third space, so I was so stunned by it. I was with my grandparents, and they wanted to go out of the medieval city. They wanted to go through that last square and I wanted to convince them not to do so. I only knew the other two parts and the front entrance, and knew for sure that we weren't going to find the river so as to have a reference. For some reason, I was convinced it wasn't all symmetric and square and the way one should expect it. It's what happens when you're in a parallel dimensional space.
Finally, grandma insisted to go out through the back entrance and, as I had foreseen, we got lost. We walked following the walls of the city and suddenly found an auto retailer and a garage that didn't have a way out. We went through doors and elevators and finally found a yard full of sand. NEXT SCENE.
On the other hand, the flat or place we lived in inside of the city, was once again that flat my grandma had in Aranda. Or at least looked like it. We had a computer to do stuff, but it also seemed the point of control Jorge had on us. And seemingly we solved something we were needed for. Suddenly, a pretty, young girl dressed in a white gown appeared and said: "Thank you so much, I can finally go back home". I don't know what happened; maybe the little boy her family had recovered and she was the spirit and could came back, or maybe someone that was impersonating her disappeared and she could take her place again... The thing is that she walked through the cabinet for the electric meters and I knew our time was over somehow.
I went to my computer and saw it print snippets of senseless, crazy useless code on the screen and thought: "Fuck, we are running out of time. The other time we were warned that our time in the space was over and had time to collect all our stuff!!!". So I hurried to collect all my stuff, cause the condition was that we could get out of the space, but our things and personal objects couldn't, and I was about to lose too many things. Then it all began to be absorbed by some kind of black holes and spirals. Even in my bag there was one, but I could retrieve all my things from there. And also the lamp in one of the rooms began to compress, and I pulled it down to give it its form again, fitting the different parts in their correct places again. I retrieved all the material but deformed it though. Nevertheless, it recovered its form on its own in a short time. 
The final scene is mom, grandma and I wondering what had really happened. We wondered what would happen if we woke up, if that so-called Jorge would force us to forget all that we had lived in that space, and all the things we had, if we were under control or what.
Seemingly, we didn't wake up, but the sensation that something could be going on was there all the time...

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