About the author

Born in 1994, I'm a telecomunication engineer, musician and English teacher. I finished my degree in 2016, specialized in telematics and I'm currently studying a master, all of that in the University of the Basque Country. I'm also finishing my music studies as a double bassist and pianist, but I've learnt to play other instruments on my own too, such as the bass guitar, guitar, flute and some percussion. Last, but not least, I became an English teacher in 2014.
At a personal level, I consider myself a creative person, which is partly shown in my dreams. They are so strange that they are the reason why I started this blog. Later on, I decided to publish more stuff like my short stories or poems, which are a way to give shape to my creative energy. On the other hand, as a musician and music fan and lover, I manage a secondary blog, The Chest Of Melodies (link in the menu bar), where I write, from time to time, show and album reviews.
As all of this is not enough, I dedicate myself to other forms of art, as drawing, making vocal covers, writing longer stories and some novels, songs or... yes! Designing my own language.
So, to sum up, I take part or run the following projects:
  • Graphic artist at Mork Fortid
  • Illustrator for Àraidh Wolf's first book: "Breves y no tan breves escritos de amor"
  • Writing my own novel "Un nuevo mundo: el Elegido del Dragón"
  • Designing my own language, called voizeehj (hope to release an alpha or beta version of the grammar+dictionary document relatively soon)
  • Web design for a well established Basque enterprise
  • Translator at OBJ Custom Guitars
You can follow my artistic projects at:
Or contact me in these addresses: